EMAXX Brushless Owners and Tweaks

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EMAXX Brushless Owners and Tweaks

Postby Capt Fiero » Fri May 16, 2014 2:52 pm

Ok so my first RC in the last 20 years was a Brushed EMAXX with NIMH Packs then jumped straight up to the Brushless Emaxx with a 2200kv motor and Mamba Monster 2 running 4s, plan to move to 6S soon. Truck is fast, and has pretty much broken every part at least once, if not a dozen times.

Rear Diff 4 or 5 times, both shock towers, chassis, and so forth. I love it, but dang I am really starting to hate taking it out and bringing it back in less than 45mins with new carnage. While my baby 1/10th scale, 4x4 VXL Stampede on 3S can run pack after pack, without breaking anything aside from a rear drive shaft every once in a rare while.

Anyone else out there with an EMAXX that can relate?

Can anyone offer suggestions on shock oil weight and colour of springs that work best for bashing. So far I am running 40wt and Green springs that seem to work well.

Oh and I am looking for a pair of Big Joe Tires either on or off Rims. If they are on Rims I would prefer a 17mm Hub.

Thanks in Advance

Capt Fiero aka David B.
(Yes I do own and drive Fiero's)
David Bergquist
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Big Joe Tires. Too Big, Too Fast, NEVER!!!
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Capt Fiero
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Re: EMAXX Brushless Owners and Tweaks

Postby rotorhead70 » Fri May 23, 2014 4:29 pm

You can drive your E-Maxx for 45 mins without breaking?!

My son and I have 2 brushed and 1 brushless E-Maxx.

We have a combination of RPM and stock parts.

To keep all 3 serviceable, my spares box has everything except a chassis.

Very seldom do we go out and not break anything. The last crash was 3 shocks, front right hand upper/lower A-Arms, hinge pins and bumper brackets.

I have used shocks springs that have double the factory spring rate with success.


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